Tinder: "Calling Cards"

Objective: Create a campaign, centered around paper, for a brand that is primarily digital. 
Concept: Tinder calling cards offer a chance to cut through the clutter that exists in digital space, and let your crush know that you're interested, in the real world.   
Client: Tinder (school work)
Role: All
You're walking downtown and spot someone of interest, what better way to break the ice, and let them know of your attraction, than by giving them your Tinder Calling Card? The interaction can stop there, maybe they'll connect with you on Tinder; Or you can press forward. You've made your move, the next move is theirs. 

This ad would appear while users browse the app, alerting them to the introduction of Tinder's Calling Cards.

In conjunction with Calling Cards, Tinder features local establishments, known as Hotspots: where users can gather for sponsored singles events. Hotspots are the perfect place to share Calling Cards.
Tinder users are able to search for Hotspots from the app.
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